a bit About me

I've been into drawing as far back as I can remember, but the real progress I feel I made as an illustrator came in my teens, with the discovery of punk/metal gig posters and pulp comics - most notably by Jamie Hewlitt, Philip Bond and Brian Ewing. Their character-driven compositions and clean, distinctive linework continue to inform my work to this day, alongside many others I've discovered along the way.

I specialise in pen and ink illustration, but over the years have added more focus to other aspects of design, including branding, logos, typography, signwriting and vector artwork. all of which has moulded me into an adaptable artist with an attention to detail.

I live in London, a city that seems to offer something new to me every day. It's constantly evolving and growing, and as such I aim for my work to do the same. A lack of challenge leads to stagnation, which is something I put effort into avoiding. I enjoy engrossing myself in the work I produce, and remain motivated, driven and focused – even if workloads are heavy or deadlines tight. 


SOME of my CLIENTS include: